About us – Architectural Plans Launceston

Natural Energy Designs specialises in Architectural Plans and Passive Solar Design for your home or extension (see our blog on the numerous cost and other benefits of Passive Solar Design). With friendly, personalised service as our very foundation – this helps us to build trust and understand your needs.

Established in 1996 as Lateral Drafting Pty Ltd, and more recently known as Lateral Design & Drafting, our Tasmanian-owned and operated business has been renamed Natural Energy Designs – reflecting the continual growth, success and evolution of the business in response to our clients’ demands.

As a registered building designer, the director and founder – Michelle Butters – began her career in drafting over 30 years ago. Her experience consists of many years of residential and commercial drafting with well-known local companies, before embarking on her own journey in 1996.

Since then, Michelle has run her own business, winning numerous awards for an array of different clients, and has employed staff from many varied walks of life.